Queenstown Dentist Services

 Queenstown Dentist Services


As part of a thorough assessment of your tooth problem, John will ascertain your options and discuss these with you.


Whatever your dental emergency: trauma, toothache, swelling, breakages, bleeding gums, discomfort; the dentist will endeavour to resolve your problem as soon as possible.


This will include an examination of the whole mouth and oral tissues to ensure teeth and gums are in optimal health and function. If treatment is required, you will be given options and costs.

John may also go through steps you can take to help prevent further dental issues.

Digital X-rays

X-rays may be recommended to show the dentist further information about your teeth and assist him in making a diagnosis. With Digital x-rays you will be exposed to far less radiation than conventional X-rays.

Queenstown Dentist John Molloy
Queenstown Dentist John Molloy

Preventative Care

John will discuss with you your home care and factors in your lifestyle that could be improved or changed to help you maintain optimum dental health, to keep your teeth for life and save you money.


John can assess your smile to suggest the best options for improvement. There is very often simple solutions to deal with small spaces and twisted teeth. Teeth with staining which are unable to be bleached and structural defects may be sorted by placement of artistic composite or veneers. Sometimes orthodontics will be the best option.

Tooth Whitening

The dentist will ascertain if tooth whitening is a safe option for your teeth and discuss your expectations and which method will be best suited to your lifestyle and budget.


Standard amalgam fillings are available; they are often a very good long-term and more affordable option. If it is deemed suitable by the dentist, you may wish to have a composite resin filling which is bonded in place and will look and feel like a natural tooth.

Our teeth are part of our personality, they help us look young and happy.
Good oral health is vital to our wellbeing. Do you want a brighter whiter smile?

We can provide bleaching or cosmetic options to suit your lifestyle and budget.


Crowns And Bridges

If you have teeth that are compromised structurally for various reasons then a crown could be a good long term option for you. A crown is a tooth shaped casing (made from precious metals and/or ceramic) which covers the existing tooth structure so that the life of the tooth is maximised and the function and aesthetics are restored. Similar to a crown, a bridge strengthens teeth next to a space but includes a false tooth which is joined to the crowned teeth either side of it.


Where patients may have spaces in their dentition, implants may be the best option as exceptional aesthetic results can be achieved.  John manages the placement and restoration of dental implants.

Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is used for saving a tooth which has an infected pulp (inside the root of the tooth) or for traumatised teeth which are undergoing an unfavourable change in the pulp. John has a wealth of expertise and experience in this type of treatment.


Although John at Queenstown Dentist will encourage you keep your teeth for life, in some circumstances, an extraction is the only option.

John Molloy Queenstown Dentist
Queenstown Dentist John Molloy

Free Dentistry For Adolescents

John Molloy is a registered provider of the Government’s Oral Health Services for Adolescents scheme.

From year nine, all children enrolled at a New Zealand high school have the option of enrolling with a registered dentist to receive free oral health care up to the age of 18 years.

Adolescents who are no longer attending secondary school but are still under 18 years old are also eligible for this free service.

ACC Related Treatments

John Molloy is a registered ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) provider.

If you have had an accident or injury in New Zealand that has injured or damaged your teeth then you will be eligible to have a significant portion of your dental treatment paid for by ACC.

The amount ACC will cover varies, depending on the treatment required.

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